Car Parts You Should Never Buy Used

There are many car parts that can be purchased in used condition that work just as well as new parts but cost considerably less. It is a good idea to use these parts whenever possible. However, some car parts should never be purchased in used condition. It is important that you are also aware of those parts before you start the search for used auto parts for sale bay shore ny. What are the top car parts that you should not buy in used condition?

·    Tires: Most people do not replace the tires on their car until they’re worn out so buying used tires is only purchasing someone else’s junk. There could also be hidden cracks that you don’t see that increase your risks of being involved in an accident.

·    Seals: Buying used seals is kind of senseless since they’re already cheap to purchase. Plus, seals are used in stressful operation so buying them used could create more problems than it is worth.

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·    Struts & Shocks: Your shocks and struts last for about 50,000 miles, so they won’t need to be replaced very often. When you buy shocks buy new so you know exactly how many miles they have on them.

·    Motor Mounts: Motor mounts are also cheap to purchase new. When you need new motor mounts, it makes sense to buy them new and avoid the risks since they’re so cheap.

Buy the parts listed above in new condition only to save yourself a lot of headache and hassle and unnecessary stress. All other parts that your car may need can be purchased used and still benefit your car. But, make sure that you do not buy these few parts used under any circumstances. It is a decision that you will soon regret!