Is it Time for Brake Repair or Replacement?

Every car has a set of brakes that stops the vehicle. It is a necessary component on every vehicle on the roadways. But, it is not enough to simply ensure that brakes are on the car. It is important to keep the brakes in good condition and respond when something is wrong. Just like other parts and components, the brakes can sustain wear and tear and an assortment of damages that cause them to wear out or malfunction. Many signs suggest that it is time for brake service. When the signs are there, it is time to schedule service at the automotive repair shop alexandria va.

Sign One: The Car Pulls

If the car starts to pull to one side of the road or the other when you press the brakes, it is a sign that trouble is in the air. You can check it out for yourself by driving a straight line and applying pressure to the brakes to see if the car pulls.

Sign Two: Noises

The brakes shouldn’t make any type of unusual or loud noises. If they do, it is a signal that your brakes are damaged and need to be repaired. Schedule service with the professionals to learn what type of problem is affecting your brakes and to get a fast repair.

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Sign Three: Leaks

Leaking brake fluid is a sign that your brakes are in immediate danger. Do not wait to make an appointment with the auto repair technician to stop the leak and get the repairs necessary to help you stop the car when you press the brakes.

Sign Four: Thin Brake Pads

When the brake pads wear thin, they no longer provide the same protection and it may not be easy to stop the vehicle. Visually examine the brake pads and if they appear worn out and/or thin, pick up that phone to call to get repair service.

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