Dump Truck Drivers Safety Tips & Information

If you drive a dump truck for a living, you are well aware of the added dangers and risks that come with this job. Yet, the job is one that has plenty of appeal that makes it a position that you love. Staying safe as a dump truck driver/operator is not hard if you’re willing to learn the secrets and put forth the efforts to learn the tractor trailer and dump truck risks knoxville tn and stay safe.

Maintain the Truck

Parts wear out, breakdown occurs. But, when you maintain your truck, the risks of truck wear and tear and breakdown decrease and you enjoy greater peace of mind every time you start the day off. Truck maintenance also saves money since you’ll need fewer repairs along the way.

Purchase a Bed Liner

tractor trailer and dump truck risks knoxville tn

A bed liner is an important part of any truck. Do not assume that it is not important to add to your dump truck. The bed liner protects the truck and considering how much stuff is loaded and unloaded, you need this protection!

Unload on Level Ground

Before you unload the truck, make sure you are on level ground. If you attempt to unload on unlevel ground, it increases the risks that the truck will tip over. Keep in mind the truck is less stable as it is lifted.

Do Not Overload the Truck

It is tempting to pile a little more on the top just to finish up the job a little bit faster. But avoid the desire to pile on more because this only increases the risks of a tip over or other accident. Why make things more difficult than it has to be?

Keep the tips above in mind to ensure proper safety when operating a dump truck.

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