Signs it is Time to Replace Your Fuel Pump

The fuel pump serves an important function in your vehicle. It works to transport fuel into the engine from the gas tank. Without this pump, this task is impossible and the truck isn’t going to operate. Although this component is built durably and made to last, it can malfunction, whether due to wear and tear and age or other malfunctions. Many signs indicate that your fuel pump is about to give out. Heed the signs and take action before you’re broken down on the side of the road. What are the signs that you may need a new diesel fuel pump?


When the temperature gauge on the vehicle starts to increase with no other obvious signs of distress, look to the fuel pump it could very well be an indication that there is trouble with the car and that it is time to replace.

Engine Sputters

If you drive your vehicle at high rates of speed, and notice the engine begins to sputter, it is likely the fuel pump. It can be dangerous to take your vehicle out on the interstate in such a problem occurs. Engine sputters are the most common sign of a bad fuel pump. The sputtering happens due to continuous fuel coming through the way that it is designed.

diesel fuel pump

Lack of Power

If you are traveling up hills or carrying with you a lot of cargo if the car starts to lose power, the fuel pump could be to blame for the trouble. Many people wrongly assume this is normal when in fact it likely occurs due to issues with components underneath the hood. The fuel pump may be one of the components underneath the hood that is responsible for this lack of power.